Our Patient Testimonials ...

"Acupuncture has done amazing things for me emotional, physically and mentally from helping me handle stress more calmly, eliminating my hot flashes, freeing me of chronic neck pain and has also helped with bouts of sore muscles and tendinitis. I can't say enough good things about acupuncture. AND Valerie is caring, thoughtful and compassionate. I also can't say enough about her."

"I have to thank Valerie for helping me with my sleep disorder and the numbness in my right arm. For the past 6 years, I would wake at 4am unable to fall back to sleep. I have also had numbness in my right arm for over 2 years. I tried surgery, testing for nerve damage, and even visited a chiropractor, but nothing helped. I tried Black Sheep Acupuncture and after only 6 weeks the numbness is almost completely gone and I am sleeping peacefully 7-8 hours a night. I can’t thank Valerie enough. I can now play catch with my grandson and I have no pain."

"Valerie has helped me in more ways then you can count. My symptoms went away after several treatments"

"I had a lot of joint pain. Fingers, knees, hands, hip, wrist. A lot of that pain has gone away. I do have pain it seems as the weather is changing. Rain mostly. I go at least once a week, sometime two times a week. It has helped me so much. There are weeks I cannot get to acupuncture at all. After those weeks I can't wait to be able to return. It is relaxing and it really has helped me so much. Thank you!"

"Those aches and pains of getting older have disappeared or are significantly reduced (Shoulders, knees and an injured finger). The injured finger is healing much faster than the Physical Therapists expected. Circulation has improved to my cold hands and feet."

"I had migraines about 3-4 times a week and was on 4 different medications for it. I'm now off all of the medication because I have gotten more relief from acupuncture than I have the medicine I was put on to cover my symptoms."

"It really helped my back pain."

"I had plantar fasciitis and I haven't had any issues since I've gone to Val. I was also wondering how people could sleep there and I told her that the needles gave me anxiety. Should took care of the issues by placing additional needles in my ears and I can't believe it but I fell asleep. LOL"

"My sinus are doing alot better since visiting Black Sheep. I have been able to wart off major discomforts by having acupuncture at the on set of pain. This is a very cost effective process to keep your body tuned up and running as it should."

"It has helped decrease my anxiety. It has also greatly relieved pain in my wrists and hands, from working on computers so much."

"Acupuncture has helped me deal with a stressful period in my life. I will not go into all of the details, but I have found it to be the best adjunct therapy I can receive, hands down. Nothing works for me like Valerie and her acupuncture techniques!"

"After two treatments the long persistent pain in my right scapula just vanished. Although I experienced fast relief I continue to come to acupuncture weekly. I find the time I spend at Blacksheep acupuncture to be very therapeutic and I always leave feeling restored and refreshed. If I could I would come every day. The entire experience is wonderful. Valerie is so calm and has such a caring manner and spirit."

"I have been in only three times and already I know the drill. My back continues to heal and I feel calmer and less stressed without the pain."

"I've had severe pain at times with my sciatica problems but with Valerie's help it has not been nearly as bad as in the past. Also my sessions help me to relax and calm my nerves."

"I have bursitis in my shoulder and was about to get cortisone injections but one visit to Val and my shoulder pain was gone."

"I was recommended to get acupuncture from my doctor and my physical therapist and it not only help with my recovery it also helped with other problems I have had with my stomach and nerves"

"I started acupuncture for anxiety, stress and trouble sleeping. Both have improved. When I go regularly, my mood is more even (less up and down). I feel happier, less stressed and I do sleep better."

"I believe that acupuncture has helped heal me of 95% of my symptoms. I can only go once a week because I am a full time student but I truly wish I could go more often. I am a true believer in acupuncture and absolutely love going."

"Diabetes it is getting better all the time. Sugar is always down after a treatment. Bronchial issues couple times a year and this has helped each time. STRESS!!! relieves my headaches and bodyaches. Some arthritis during wet and cold peaks of the year helps tremendously. Plantar Fasciitis -- after treatments pain and heel sensitivity totally gone."

"In addition to reducing tension in forearms and neck/shoulders, I have a faster recovery time on my lips (from playing trumpet professionally), and feel energized. Sinus issues are diminished when I am having acupuncture done regularly."

"I have been able to maintain a medication free life using acupuncture. Over the past, I have learned to listen to my body and head to BS asap. Aches and pains, stiffness and anxiety disappear."

"I am peri-menopausal and find I am completely asymptomatic when I receive acupuncture regularly. (at least every 2 weeks) If I do feel symptoms (fogging brain, anxious, unable to sleep) stopping in for a treatment balances my whole being immediately."

"It has helped so much from stress to recuperation with my concussion. I couldn't ask for better care!"

"Both my husband and I see Valerie for various issues ranging from snoring to carpal tunnel. Many of our problems have either become completely under control or has improved greatly in the short time we have been receiving acupuncture. We are very pleased with the results to date. We know if we had the time to come more often we would heal even me quickly and are grateful to have found our way to acupuncture."

"For me acupuncture has provided a welcomed release of stress. In addition, acupuncture has helped me to be more focused in my day to day activities. If time allows I would like to go back for some treatment on my knee. I feel as though acupuncture treatment could relieve some of the stiffness."

"I suffer from depression and anxiety. Acupuncture has provided me with the ability to relax and rejuvenate during episodes of high anxiety."

"Help relieve my anxiousness and from ruminating so much. Helped with my stomach issues/IBS."

"Acupuncture helped relieve alot of my pain and also helped me to feel more relaxed."

"Acupuncture has helped keep me calm and less anxious as I go through IVF"

"Helped me through chemo therapy and several surgeries"

"Acupuncture has helped me to feel less overwhelmed and anxious . Basically, it's makes me feel better!!"

"Helped tremendously with my Bells Palsy. It is almost completely gone now."

"I am less tired and more effective at work and in my personal life!"

"Improved focus, reduced pain"

"It has definitely helped with my anxiety and it totally relaxes me!"

"It has increased my energy and decreased my pain."

"It help with my anxiety"

"It helps significantly with my moods and other various symptoms of PMS."

"It really relaxes me"

"Makes me feel better (sleep, digestion, pain)"

"Symptoms seem better managed without medication"

"The arthritis in my toe was really hurting me and now I barely notice it."

"My anxiety is relieved"

"My seizures have decreased. My joints and shins are not aching as much as before."

"Provided relaxation and tension relief for PMS, stress, and anxiety."


What Our Patients Like Best About Us ...

"I love black sheep 100% because of my acupuncturist Valerie. She is so welcoming, caring and friendly. When I am having symptoms or a stressful day I look forward going to or I count down the days until go to black sheep. Valerie is a wonderful woman and I will continue to go to black sheep as long as she is in business."

"The atmosphere and professionalism that are exhibited at all times. The upbeat positive attitude of the practitioner and the reasonable price. I wish I could convince more people to come over to Black Sheep world!"

"Valerie is the best! The environment is welcoming and comfortable. The cost is very affordable. Community acupuncture is a great concept. Thank you for making it available to our community."

"Valerie just made me feel so at ease. She really listens and is present and attentive. And I was so surprised to be remembered at each visit. Especially when it had been some time between appointments. The room and chairs are comfortable. The temperature is right. The music and white noise are a good volume as well"

"Affordable, clean, and every visit never fails to help the reason I visit that day."

"The knowledge of my acupuncturist, always make me feel safe and secure to share my most uncomfortable issues. The compassion and understanding my acupuncturist has for my illnesses & ailments. The quiet comfortable treatment room with soothing music. So love the music and great comfy chairs. Every inch feels clean, restroom, treatment room, chairs, counters, desk. Always smells clean and not fake spray clean. Fresh & clean. Beautiful inviting reception area. And I love the option of a nice cup of hot tea or water after a treatment. I could go on...but will stop here."

"Calm, friendly truly warm and caring treatment."

"Convenience of scheduling, sliding scale payment option, Valerie, results."

"Convenient location, affordable, easy to schedule appointments"

"Everything just great!!!"

"Everything. Warm friendly atmosphere."

"I love how welcoming and warm Valerie is; she always makes me feel so comfortable!"

"Atmosphere. Val is amazing, she makes you feel comfortable and explains everything perfectly. I love seeing her smiling face when I get there!"

"VAL!!! What's not to love about Val. She made me feel comfortable and like I was the only person there that she was seeing. I've told 3 additional people about Val and everyone loved going to see her. They felt a lot better."

"The peaceful, loving atmosphere and the ability to relax with no interference. And stay as long as I feel I need to! That's a big plus!"

"Valerie is great!! She is very comforting and makes you feel relaxed before, during, and after treatment. I also appreciate that she takes time when you first get there to check in and see how you're doing and gears her treatment accordingly."

"It feels comfortable and homey."

"It is very relaxing and Valerie is very knowledgeable."

"Valerie is the best. Great personality. Very nice set up. I tell everyone about her and my experience there. Mostly how it has helped me."

"It is comfortable, Valerie makes me feel like I am the only one in the room, and the results are great!"

"Easy to schedule the day or week I feel the need for an appointment. Valerie's concern, empathy, and genuine interest in how I am doing."

"The atmosphere is relaxing and the acupuncturist has a fantastic way of dealing with people. Very friendly, relaxed arena."

"Valerie! She is so caring and has such good energy to be around. And the atmosphere is comfortable (chairs, temperature, no odors)."

"Felt really welcome and comfortable from the first visit. A great environment to receive the service."

"Valerie is so personable and always remembers everything you're working on. She's knowledgeable and helpful. I love that you have evening and weekend hours."

"Valerie. She is the best. She is so kind, compassionate and caring. She is all of these and professional."

"Valerie is so compassionate it's quiet clean and always scheduled appropriately no waiting Valerie is friendly and professional"

"The personal attention you receive at each visit. Valerie always makes time for each of her clients."

"It's affordable and convenient"


"I like that it is affordable. Love my acupuncturist. I also like that I can make my appointments online."

"My acupuncturist is so professional. And she has helped me great deal with my headaches."

"Price and schedule to start but also the health benefits. I also like the communal component."

"The affordability and feeling of community is awesome :-)"

"The atmosphere ........very relaxing."

"flexible, clear directions, easy access, affordable price."

"relaxing and friendly atmosphere. very accommodating."

"The low cost that enables me to come often which is why I am seeing results."

"The quiet atmosphere and welcoming feel that Valerie offers."

"The relaxing atmosphere, and Valerie is just so nice and caring!"

"The services. I always feel comfortable explaining my issues."

"Valerie, she is always a ray of sunshine. It is comfortable and relaxed atmosphere"

"Valerie is amazing. So sweet and caring."

"Valerie is awesome! Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to"

"Valerie is the best! I always feel welcome and comfortable there!"

"Valerie is wonderful. Extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and trustworthy."

"Valerie, she is AMAZINGLY kind and peaceful. I want to be her when I grow up!!"

"Interacting with Valerie, she's great at talking through things and how the treatment will work each time."